works FAST because it has ODF
(orodispersible film) technology.

The ODF technology is referred to as
“One of the novel approaches in the field of pharmaceutical sciences”.

ODF technology has numerous benefits:

  • No risk of choking.
  • Better safety and efficacy in comparison with conventional dosage forms.
  • Precise dosing, every time.
  • No water or spoon needed (ideal for travellers and/or to place in a lunch box).
  • No spitting, no retching, no spills!

is on-the-go convenience.

  •  is hygienically sealed in individual sachets.
  •  is not a liquid, making  the ideal product to keep in your handbag, lunch box or luggage.
  • offers precise dosing every time, no need to measure spoon quantities. Peace of mind knowing the exact dose you or your child is taking!
  • No spills, no frills.  quickly dissolves on the tongue, whereas other cough mixtures might end up on the floor.
  •  is rapidly absorbed, has a quick onset of action and is fast

English ivy (Hedera helix)

English ivy (Hedera helix) English ivy (Hedera helix) is a well-known medicinal plant native to many parts of Europe and Southwest Asia.

It has expectorant (assist with coughing up and spitting out of mucus), mucolytic (help thin and loosen mucus) and spasmolytic (help relieve bronchial spasms) actions. It may also assist in relieving other typical symptoms associated with bronchitis such as shortness of breath and inflammation of the airways.

 contains ivy leaf extract (Hedera helix) and acts as an expectorant in
patients with a productive (wet) cough.

 can loosen and thin mucus that may assist with:

  • Clearing airways
  • Reducing airway inflammation
  • Relieving bronchial spasm
  • Relaxing convulsive coughing
  • Soothing or calming an irritating or painful cough

Hedera helix may be used to alleviate symptoms in patients with inflammation of the airways or with upper respiratory tract conditions characterised by excessive production of thick mucus and coughing.

 is suitable for adults and children above the age of 2 years.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.


 is packed in 30’s NAPPI code: 723232001

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